New product. The Planet 2.0

The Planet for Two is the entire meeting room for open space offices.

We are glad to announce our product - the meeting room “The Planet for Two”.   We would like to widespread the idea of using The Planet for Two in office spaces, as a place for communication. Why did we create The Planet for Two? Because it is easier to run the world together!

We made The Planet to manage open-plan offices and create ONE place comprising meeting room, lounge zone, and working space.  The Planet for Two is the (in)formal meeting zone for limited space offices. You can use it while discussing business plans and ideas with your co-workers, having inspiring dialogues about the goals of your team or holding a skype session with the Heads of a company.

“The Planet for Two” was created by request of our clients. They needed a place where they can have a conversation with employees in a casual manner. In “The Planet” both people feel equal, here you don't have a “chief manager” and a “simple employee”.

The Planet for Two can be used in different ways: both for common friendly talks and for the solution of working issues. It creates an atmosphere of confidence and trust.

Communication is a very important thing in business formation. The wise boss knows, that every issue should be discussed. Just imagine an ordinary office space with hundreds of people, buzzing around like bees, how can you focus on work in such an environment? Should you just shout over all co-workers while talking to your business partner?

We are proposing a wonderful solution for such problems, that is our “The Planet for Two.”

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