"Nut C" lamps in Danone Office NYC

"NUT C" lamps designed by Kononenko ID at the Danone Office NYC.

Thank you for cooperation, it is awesome to be presented on Manhattan ❤ 

Nowadays offices became homier. The boundary between work and personal life disappears. 

People are looking for comfort and convenience not only in their apartments but also in the office.

That is why architects while designing offices, create an atmosphere of productivity, and comfort at the same time.

What is this place that brings you back to your memories of childhood, family comfort, friendly communication, tea drinking, and the warm smell of eat?

Dining room, of course!

Such things as soft light, natural materials, warm colors and lots of plants help to turn kitchen to the cozy dining area.

While creating a Danone office in NYC, the Sibyl De Germay Design  paid special attention to the kitchen. 

The total effect if this dining room was implemented due to bluish colors, living green wall, big family table and highlighted by the absolutely elegant ashwood lamps.

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