Ukrainian chairs The Planet found new home in the Google office

We found a new home for our chairs - the GOOGLE office, that will be located in Silicon Valley! They say, that the company bought the territory to build a Google's Mountain View campus (14 hectares) at a cost of about $1 billion. 

Architectural studio "Oneworkplace" makes the design of the working space. For the first time, the Ukrainian company MZPA received a letter from American architects in March of this year. It was an email acquaintance, the client was interested in the possibility of cooperation and the difficulties of delivering furniture from Ukraine to the USA.

As you know, MZPA delivers furniture worldwide (and The Planet flew to North America many times), that is why interior designers and responsible managers of the Google office purchased immediately several chairs The Planet. 

"When we assembled “The Planet” for our stuff, we noticed that people queue up to sit in the chair. All of this is due to the form of The Planet - the form of a dodecahedron, which was chosen on purpose. 15 minutes of staying inside “The Planet” are enough to harmonize your thoughts and feel relaxed, this effect can be enhanced with the help of autogenic training and meditative techniques.  That is how we have created MZPA Company and have set a goal No. 1 - to help employees feel happy in their offices." - says Halyna Proskurina, COO of MZPA. 

The opening of the new workspace for Google in Silicon Valley will be held in October this year. According to the manager responsible for the equipment, the chairs will be installed in the lounge area. 

Google's Mountain View campus

It’s part of a city plan to “transform the area from an office park dominated by surface parking lots and office buildings.”

Google's Mountain View campus, California

We call it “The Planet”, implying that it is your personal planet.

Photo from the Kyiv office of MacPaw

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