We made The Planet alive!

  What can keep your workers happy?

(Based on the true stuff opinion)

One of the main issues of all founders and CEOs is how to make their workers happy and, thus, productive. Because the correlation “happy people - successful people” is also practically assured.

So why are office workers unhappy?  

Office workers suffer from the lack of oxygen, uncomfortable working place, noise and shortage of mood boards for creative minds. Sometimes office is a rather boring place, where you don't have an opportunity to express your identity. We’ve conducted a brief survey among people who work in open space offices to discover “what do office workers need to feel comfortable?”

And what is it?

The vast majority of employees answered that they need silence, privacy, and personal workspace. Employees were looking for comfortable seating and an opportunity to stay alone for a while. However, they also want to have a place where some amicable conversations can be held, where all stuff can gather together and spend 5-10-15 minutes in the funny friendly atmosphere. Our office was not an exception.

But how to stay connected with workers and remain in private?

That was the reason why we decided to create our own chair, to combine privacy and communication, and to call it “The Planet”, implying that it is your personal planet.  

When we assembled “The Planet” for our stuff, we noticed that people queue up to sit in the chair. All of this is due to the form of The Planet - the form of a dodecahedron, which was chosen on purpose. We have chosen it because in the studies of the geometrology science (the psychology of unconscious reactions to geometric forms) it is asserted that each form has its own meaning and affects our mind and reactions. 15 minutes of staying inside “The Planet” are enough to harmonize your thoughts and feel relaxed, this effect can be enhanced with the help of autogenic training and meditative techniques.  That is how we have created MZPA Company and have set a goal No. 1 - to help employees feel happy in their offices.  

At the same time  “The Planet” is a true Communication

Hub, where we can meet and share our intentions, discuss strategies, leave some messages and motivate each other. Have you ever faced the problem when “the right-hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing”? For such issues, contemporary offices use communication hubs in order to simplify communication within a certain task and control working process. That is how we create a friendly atmosphere in the office. In addition, “The Planet” is covered with a special material, so you can write anything you want and then it is easily erased from the surface of “The Planet”. You are free in your creativity: attach favorite photos, draw some pictures, express your thoughts and ideas, grow small flowers, plants or even moss. Here we don't have any limits. We strive to create a  new Knowledge Sharing Culture.

It seems like the furniture can influence one's mood?

Exactly. Wrong office furniture can make your stuff less productive. I needed happy and productive. People can't stand working in a tight-laced and dark office because they don't feel cozy and comfortable in such conditions. That's why we have decided to colorize office life, to make it bright and inspiring. We wanted to strike life into the chair, to green it, to give a human right to enhance “The Planet”. To make it alive, like our own Earth.

The answers were given by Dmytro Gazda, MZPA  founder

Here you can see video: "The Planet" green addition

Here you can watch an interview with Dmytro Gazda: "The Planet" creation    

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