Paris Design Week 2017

September 8-13, 2017. We debuts at PARIS DESIGN WEEK. 

It is a definitive cultural counterpoint, that is raising the bar for

design weeks across the world. 7 days of showcasing innovations

from different spheres of design. Almost 300 participants in over

200 venues. 

We have presented our products  to the world for the first time,on 2 locations:

The Planet -  a space  for solitary work and (or) rest in open space and coworking. Design  by MZPA [mazepa];

Lamp collection ‘Nut C’, design by J.Kononenko. 

Coat rack “Hilka”, design by Ulyana Zachkevych & Stanislav Boichuk. Decor "Shadow Fligt", design by A. Zakharchenko

This year's edition has showed how rich and diverse

contemporary creation can be.

We are happy to be a part of this.

Thank you Our managers will contact you in the
near future